Monday, July 9, 2012

Shabad by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Maaroo on Pannaa 989 in Sri Guru Granth Sahib

ipChu rwqI sdVw nwmu Ksm kw lyih ]
Kymy CqR srwiecy idsin rQ pIVy ]
ijnI qyrw nwmu iDAwieAw iqn kau sid imly ]1]
bwbw mY krmhIx kUiVAwr ]
nwmu n pwieAw qyrw AMDw Brim BUlw mnu myrw ]1] rhwau ]
swd kIqy duK prPuVy pUrib ilKy mwie ]
suK QoVy duK Agly dUKy dUiK ivhwie ]2]
ivCuiVAw kw ikAw vICuVY imilAw kw ikAw mylu ]
swihbu so swlwhIAY ijin kir dyiKAw Kylu ]3]
sMjogI mylwvVw iein qin kIqy Bog ]
ivjogI imil ivCuVy nwnk BI sMjog ]4]1]

Those who receive the call in the last hours of the night, chant the Name of their Lord and Master.
Tents, canopies, pavilions and carriages are prepared and made ready for them.
You send out the call, Lord, to those who meditate on Your Name. ||1||
Father, I am unfortunate, a fraud.
I have not found Your Name; my mind is blind and deluded by doubt. ||1||Pause||
I have enjoyed the tastes, and now my pains have come to fruition; such is my pre-ordained destiny, O my mother.
Now my joys are few, and my pains are many. In utter agony, I pass my life. ||2||
What separation could be worse than separation from the Lord? For those who are united with Him, what other union can there be?
Praise the Lord and Master, who, having created this play, beholds it. ||3||
By good destiny, this union comes about; this body enjoys its pleasures.
Those who have lost their destiny, suffer separation from this union. O Nanak, they may still be united once again! ||4||1||

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