Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Quotations from Adi Granth : Life And Death

1. From days, quarters from quarters hours; so our life wears off. For death, like hunter or a butcher walks abroad; O, what is one to do to save oneself ? (Rag Dhanasri, Bhagat Kabirji)

2. Thy forelocks are in the Yama's grip, still knowest thou not, O mind? (Tilang M. 1)

3. My wife, son, father, brothers, O none of them will hold my hand. And when I fall in the grave, not one will come to my rescue, when the last prayer is read. (Rag Tilang M. 1)

4. One remembers not the time when the thorn of death will pierce him through. Nanak: Him the Lord saves, in whose heart, by His Grace, He Himself dwells. (Tilang, M. 4)

5. One's riches, chariots, possessions and dominions which one cherishes, all becomes strangers to one, when the noose of death grips one's neck. (Tilang, M. 9)

6. By true living, they who find the Truth and receive the Wisdom of the Guru they are neither born nor do they die. Their comings and goings are ended. (Sri Rag M. 1)

7. Honoured were they by God (who) kept death ever before their eyes, and equipped themselves with the Lord's Name. (Sr Rag M. 2)

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